Winter Is Coming! Here’s 3 Things To Consider To Prep Your Roof

11/12/2018 9:29:00 PM

Yes, the first snow…lovely isn’t it? NOT NECESSARILY! For roofing contractors the first snow for us can mean…

Summer seems like it was forever ago, but many of us just aren’t ready for the winter.


Winter brings many things to northern Indiana:

  • Changing of the leaves
  • The holidays  
  • The first snow


Yes, the first snow…We said it!  Lovely isn’t it?




For roofing contractors in Michiana the first snow for us can mean…more weight on your roof, ice damming and leaks. YIKES!  There are a lot of things that winter can bring to spice things up, but roof problems isn’t one of them you want!


Here’s 3 things to consider when prepping for the winter months…


Remove Debris

This is an essential step.  Removing debris off your roof will eliminate one option for moisture, rot or mold either be hold or start to develop. 


The solution is simple…hop up on your roof and broom off [leaf blower works too!] all visible debris.  Give a keen eye to your valleys as they are susceptible to damage if the water cannot flow properly.


Close Those Gutters

Upon removing all the debris off your roof, it’s equally important to check and clean your gutters.


If your gutters are overlooked in the winter prep this can create a clog in your gutter system.  This will cause rain water to overflow damaging your roof, facia, soffit, trim…among other things.


Being proactive is key!  The easiest solution is cleaning your gutters once your trees have dropped their leaves.  This is essential in preventing unforeseen problems and a call to your local roofing contractor.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Once you have cleaned off your roof, it’s important to have your roof properly inspected.


The purpose is to look at the integrity of your flashing, shingles and feel for any soft spots in the decking.  These soft spots would indicate that there is an unseen leak, your flashing has been compromised or that rot has already settled into your decking.


To be 100% confidence your roof is prepped for the winter we recommend hiring a trained roof inspector to you give an honest opinion.  [Click here to why we believe you should be careful with free inspections]


Those are 3 simple, yet cost-effective, things you can accomplish before the snow flies to make your home more winter-ready.


Have questions about your roof?  Need an estimate or simply want your roof replaced from a local trusted roofing contractor before winter hits? 


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