The (3) Roof Insurance Claim Mistakes Homeowners With Storm Damage Make... and don't even know it!

Articles  The (3) Roof Insurance Claim Mistakes Homeowners With Storm Damage Make... and don't even know it!

Feb 05, 2020

We have all seen the commercials by the insurance companies claiming that:


“You’re in good hands…”


“Like a good neighbor…”


This sounds good, doesn’t it?  Well, it doesn’t always turn out good…especially for homeowners who have sustained hail or wind storm damage to their roofs.


Every roofing contractor that specializes in helping homeowners navigate the gauntlet of an insurance claim knows the battle that may ensue.


This is especially true for homeowners in the Goshen and Granger [and other surrounding areas in northern Indiana] that have specifically experienced a significant hailstorm in the recent years.


Here at Relentless Roofing Co., we pride ourselves in having helped over 200 homeowners recover nearly $500K in unpaid compensation that the insurance company simply left off their written estimate.




Yes, they simply left it off.  And what’s even more shocking…that’s money that would have directly came from the homeowner’s pocket after being told they “were in good hands…”?


This is so outrageous that our team wanted to write this quick post to give you INSIDER SECRETS so that you can truly feel informed and not get ripped off when you file an insurance claim.



Mistake #1: Not Knowing Your Written Estimate Will Be Missing $1000s

Yes, this happens.  99.9% of insurance written estimates fail to provide the comprehensive coverage they promised.


This is where we come in.


Upon conducting an initial roof inspection to determine if the sustained damage meets your insurance company’s buying habits before you file…


…Which all insurance companies have different requirements for what they approve or deny, so it’s important to start here.


Or if you have already filed a claim, and have your initial settlement check/paperwork in hand, we will conduct an audit of their estimate.


Our audit is our proprietary system that we have developed after years of testing that reduces the amount of time a claim is open, and recovers all your appropriate depreciation, as well as, negotiate anything missing.


This is where they get you!


To get your depreciation released will require the correct paperwork and pictures to be submitted …


…and to get your negotiated items that we call “supplements” released properly in the form of a payment-made will require talking their lingo and using the same software they do.


This is where we’ve got you!


To sum it all up: We will handle everything for you, so you have piece of mind from start to finish, knowing the experts are working for you.



Mistake #2: Not Knowing Your Policy. LIKE, SERIOUSLY!

We quickly laid out for you above how an insurance company can short your storm damage claim, but here’s where Michiana homeowners really shoot themselves in the foot by not knowing their policy.


Let me ask you this, “Do you know the difference between an ACV vs RCV policy?”  If you don’t, it’s not your fault!  Your insurance company should have explained this to you.


Let’s us help you with this…


An Actual Cash Value [ACV] policy means that your net payment for your claim will be what your roof or siding is worth [minus your deductible] at the time of the damage. 


For instance, if your roof originally cost $17K, but it’s 20 years old…instead of your insurance company covering a full replacement at $17K, they will depreciate your claim down to what they feel a 20-year old roof is worth and issue you a check for $1000s less.


A Replacement Cost Value [RCV] policy means that they will fully replace your roof at the value of what it would be if built brand new in 2020 with the only out of pocket expense being your deductible.


And yes, you have to pay your deductible. 


Your deductible is a contractual agreement between you and your insurance company that is paid to your contractor.  Any roofing contractor that suggests “eating” or “absorbing” it is a criminal and is helping you commit insurance fraud.


Sorry, Folks! We don’t play those games.


Also, it’s critical to confirm if your policy covers “code upgrades”. 


Asking this one question will cover you in the event your current roof was installed before a certain component was required by municipal code.


Ice and water shield is a great example of a code upgrade that your insurance may not pay for unless you have it specifically listed in your policy that is a code requirement for any Michiana roof.


Not having “code upgrade coverage” means you’re stuck with the bill.  AND IT’S TYPICALLY NOT CHEAP!


The benefit of not having these upgrades to your policy means your monthly premiums are cheaper, but may bite you later in the event of a storm damaged roof.



Mistake #3: Why Settling Fast & Early Will Cost You!

Speaking of commercials, we have all seen the commercials for the local insurance attorneys warning you to call them RIGHT NOW!


They are advising you because the insurance wants to settle fast and settle short. The same in the roofing and siding storm restoration industry…


…insurance companies are looking to settle quick and fast, which is exactly what we see when they send you your first estimate.


In Northern Indiana, hailstorms [as mentioned above in Elkhart and St. Joseph County cities like Goshen and Granger] we have seen several homeowners left with an estimate for simply a repair when their neighbors all around them were getting their roofs and siding replaced.


Without professional representation this happens.  A Lot!  


Fortunately, our team has been able to salvage claims that homeowners try to navigate themselves or pick up the pieces from an underpaid claim.


The insurance company is willing to come to the table, but we must play by their rules and on their court. 


We accomplish this by conducting a re-inspection, pursuing supplement negotiations and/or consulting with our team to chart the best path to a successful and easy claim process.



You Enjoy The Show…Let Us Handle The Insurance Claim Circus!

Remember the saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys?”


Please believe us when we say this! 


When you file a claim, it’s a circus…and those are your monkeys and you happen to have front row seats.


However, as mentioned, we are Michiana’s ringmasters when it comes to properly inspecting your roof initially, comprehensively handling your claim and restoring your roof, siding and gutters with excellence.


We are here to serve. Here’s how we have served others:


"They saved me nearly $12K on my project by helping me through the insurance claim process. They assisted when I filed, handled meeting the adjuster and all the paperwork, eliminating any frustration and concern with my insurance claim. All I did was sit back and they worked their magic! " Tom K. Granger, IN


"We can not say enough how thankful we are for the job you and your team did. Your professionalism, quality and most of all your honest opinion helped make our roofing experience a great one...Thanks for the fair price too! There's no doubt that we will recommend your company in a heart beat!" Dallas C. Goshen, IN


"FIRST CLASS! From start to finish we have experienced nothing but excellence. Communication was great, quality job done and clean up was phenomenal...can't say enough about Relentless Roofing!" Nicole S. Goshen, IN 


"Amazing experience! Was nervous with my project because I was ripped off by another roofing company. BUT WOW! This time around was completely different. They followed through with everything they said, I never once worried nor had a reason too. Trust us, hire them!" Willy L. Elkhart, IN



If you feel like your home has experienced hail or wind damage from a recent storm or have already filed a claim, but feel you were misrepresented or underpaid, we are here to assist and serve you.


To learn more, or to get the process started, call/text us 574-218-0642…


…Or simply fill out this 2min survey [click here] to provide our team with some basic info and we’ll go into action!



P.S. We know that this is a big move, so our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.


We are here to serve during this time, but we want to warn you....


...due to the time & care our team puts into every homeowner’s claim, we have to limit the number of claims we can take on, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts!


P.P.S One last thing…storm damage is not always detectable to the unprofessional eye.  With there being a period of eligibility to file a claim, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you schedule a roof inspection to ensure your roof isn’t damaged.


Failure to take action could lead to leaking, mold or structural damage…and even worse if you’re outside of that “claim eligibility period” you’re stuck paying for the damages.  


To start the qualification process or get all your questions answered is easy:

-Simply Call/Text 574-218-0642 

-Or start the process now, simply hit to take our 60sec qualification survey



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