5 Quick Facts You May Not Know About Installing A Metal Roof

Articles  5 Quick Facts You May Not Know About Installing A Metal Roof

Nov 01, 2018

They have been around forever, but they have been popping up everywhere over the last couple of years...


What am I talking about? Metal roofs!


A metal roof is a solid choice when it comes to installing a new roof system.  At Relentless Roofing Co. we love installing asphalt shingles. We love the look, quality and integrity an asphalt shingles brings to every home we build.


With that said, here’s 5 quick facts we love about metal roofs:


Reduced Insurance Rates

When we install a metal roof on your home, we will supply you with an insurance reduction form.


This form will allow you to show your insurance company that you have a special rated metal that will qualify you for a reduced rate.



Environmentally Friendly

Metal roof offers a green element that’s better for our planet. What do I mean by this?


Upon inspecting your roof, if all signs show that your decking is sound, we will install the metal right on top of your existing shingles.


With upwards of 95% recycled material [depending on the supplier] used in making the metal itself, all metal roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.  With over 20 billion pounds a year in building-related waste…this will help lighten that load!


Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency should always be a motive in making a home-building or remodeling decision…and this is exactly why getting a metal roof installed should be an option.


A recent article by State Farm states,  “Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs.  Check out the full article here on their pros and cons of a metal roof.


If you’re looking to save money on energy bills, than metal is the way to go!



You can rest easier at night knowing your roof is safer. 


Not just safer as in your overall structure, but safer in the fact that a metal roof will not catch fire if lightning would strike or a fire would break out.


We have all heard the saying, “Safe and sound.”  Installing a metal roof a “sound” decision if you want a safer home to live in.



They Last

Compared to asphalt that lasts typically 15-30 years…metal gives you over double that by having the ability to last up to 70 years!


Although the upfront costs are higher, the long-term gains do justify that expense.


So there are 5 quick tips to why installing a metal roof has several benefits when it comes to you and our planet.


Interested in a metal roof after reading this article, but still have a few questions? Click here to schedule a 15min roof consult to get all your questions answered.


If after reading this you’re ready to take the plunge and have your roof installed…click here to contact us about a free estimate or call 574-238-4717 today!

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